A la Carte Lunch Menu

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Entrée Salads

Classic Chopped
romaine, cabbage, cucumber, tomato, red onion,
bacon, hard boiled egg, blue cheese dressing,
or mustard horseradish vin 
half $8 full $16 (GF)
Spring Gems
spring and baby greens, scallion, asparagus, radish, pickled ramps, toasted sunflower seeds,
lemon cream  
half $7 full $14 (GF)
Ancient Grains
farro, kamut and rye berries, roasted beets, pickled red onions, scallion, apples, cherries, bibb lettuce, smoked tomato vinaigrette 
half $8 full $16 (GF)
Tuscan Kale
roasted garlic, lemon, chili flakes, olive oil,
pecorino romano, sourdough breadcrumbs
half $7 full $14
Dutch Confit Caesar
grilled romaine, sourdough croutons, anchovy
butter, parmesano reggiano, pecorino romano,
heirloom tomato
Add to any salad: chicken breast* 6, crab cakes 10, salmon* 10, or shrimp* 10




Turkey Club
roasted turkey breast, aged swiss, green leaf, tomato, red onion, bacon red pepper mayo $15


Rosemary Chicken
grilled chicken breast, havarti, green leaf,
tomato, red onion, roasted garlic and
rosemary aioli $15


braised corned beef, swiss, sauerkraut,
dijonnaise, on deli rye served with house chips $16


Grilled Cheese
American , cheddar, swiss and pepperjack, on housemade sourdough, served with
tomato bisque $14
Add tomato and bacon $2


Club Burger*
aged cheddar, carmelized onions, bacon, smoked tomato aioli
(beyond burger available upon request)


served with fruit and house salad $14


wild mushrooms, wilted spinach,
carmelized onions, boursin cheese $14




Vegetable Spring Rolls
peppers, onions, carrots, daikon radish, cilantro, scallion, sesame soy glaze, thai peanut sauce,
coconut sticky rice $13 (GF)


Yellow Pea Curry
split peas, ginger, cilantro, citrus, jasmine rice, yogurt, pickled vegetables $19 (GF) (V)


Shrimp Kosheri
tomato, onion, cumin, cilantro, chiles, basmati, vermicelli, spiced yogurt 
$24 (GF)


Persian Salmon
chickpeas, spinach, sweet potatoes,
roasted tomato broth, pistachio dukkah $27


*Items that contain raw or undercooked products that may increase the risk of foodborne illness
                                                                                                             GF-Gluten Free