Woman's Club of Wisconsin Board of Directors


   Kathy Pederson - President 

 "To me the Club is all about friendships and learning.  Even if I walk through the doors alone, I know I will encounter many intelligent, accomplished, interesting, and friendly women. During my 10 years of membership I have developed relationships through my participation in several groups and committees, including Bridge, Antiques Study Group, Garden Club, Book Club, Grant Allocation, Finance, Investments, Programs, Strategic Planning, and now on the Board. In addition, I always learn something new from the wide variety of excellent daytime, evening, and weekend programs." - Kathy Pederson         

    Treasurer - Joy Towell

“The Woman’s Club has enriched my life. I have been a member since 2014. I have gained many wonderful new friends. I have enjoyed the varied program offerings and especially the travel opportunities.” – Joy Towell

    Secretary - Kathy Grogan

 "Club membership for me has meant entering a place of beauty with an incredible history.  It has also meant being in the company of extraordinary women in an atmosphere of conviviality and good cheer.  I am pleased to be the Club’s Secretary and to be the coordinator of the Club’s Classics Book Club, which has over the years read hundreds of books from the canon of classic literature."- Kathy Grogan

     Membership - Rita Larsen

"Nothing is more uplifting than seeing my friends and colleagues at the Club. I have been a member since 2004 and I have taken a more active role in recent years, with more time to give and less involvement in other places. Women today have these options. My dream would be to have met our early founders; to talk about their dreams, and to hear their dreams for helping to contribute to Milwaukee’s growth and development on so many different levels. For an inspiring experience, come to the Woman’s Club of Wisconsin."- Rita Larsen

    Community Outreach - Lydia Cooley

"I serve as the chair of Community Outreach Committee, where a lively mix of new and experienced members develops service opportunities as a means of WCW member engagement with the broader Milwaukee community. Each time I make the drive from my home in Cedarburg to the Club, I find engagement with WCW members and guests attending varied programs on wide-ranging issues and topics of interest and performances while enjoying delicious meals from the chef’s kitchen. My Club tables vary but have included Grant Allocation, Garden Club, Art and Antiques Study Group, and the Travel Corner, which finds itself seated at many destinations in the US and beyond. What is guaranteed at all is good conversation and laughter."- Lydia Cooley


Foundation - Shelia Taphorn

    Historic Building - Mary Connelly

"The Historic Building chair is a new position with great potential. We plan to study our historic structure while committing ourselves to improving the lovely interior aesthetics that welcome all our members and guests.  Twenty years ago I joined the Club with women who took great pride in strengthening our community.  My enthusiasm continues as I’m fortunate to work with smart, dedicated, and imaginative people with fantastic wit!" – Mary Connelly

   Marketing & Communications  - Amy Schneider

"When I joined the Club in 2011, I became a member of the Marketing Committee and immediately loved getting to know the other committee members and working together with the incredible women who are part of this Club.  We are passionate about bettering our community through friendship, learning, and service."- Amy Schneider

Activities/Programs - Dana Solomon