About Us

From a Club of Their Own...                                      ...To a Club of Our Own

Woman's Club of WisconsinWoman's Club of Wisconsin

A piece of our history...

In 1876, Milwaukee's visionary women leaders founded the Woman's Club of Wisconsin, putting them at the forefront of the "Women's Club Movement," which provided women a forum for the free exchange of ideas and for improving their communities. A few years later, WCW members formed a women-owned stock company, bought land, and built the very first women's club building in America. Today the WCW is the oldest operating women's club in the country. Since its inception, the WCW has been dedicated to the welfare of society. 

Who we are today...

Today, we emulate those who came before us; we possess the strong foundation of our past and continue to grow. The WCW is a place where women of influence have met and continue to meet. Members engage in a variety of social, educational, cultural, and philanthropic discussions and activities. WCW provides our members with the benefits of social exchange and valuable relationships. Members make and maintain lifelong friendships within the walls of the longest standing women's club in the nation, the Woman's Club of Wisconsin.